Committee Apointments

Henry Hudson Regional School

Board of Education

2018 Committee Appointments

Curriculum and Instruction/Education Committee (6:00 PM)

Oversight of: Student Achievement

Gail Woods, Chair

Michael Gannon

Robert Haas

Melissa Mohr, Alt

Human Resources Committee (7:00 PM)

Oversight of: Personnel/Communications/PR

David Dowds, Chair

Jay Mullan

Mark Heter

Gail Woods, Alt

Finance and Physical Plant/Operations Committee (7:45 PM)

Oversight of: Budget/Facilities

Melissa Mohr, Chair

David Dowds

Ezra Ardolino

Jay Mullan, Alt.

Tri-District Committee

Oversight of: Tri-district (School Districts)

Karen Horner

Melissa Mohr

David Dowds

Gail Woods, Alt

Negotiation Committee

David Dowds, Chair

Gail Woods

Mark Heter

Karen Horner

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